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As a pilot, you have invested a lot of money in your training. All being well, that training meets with success. And once you have your licence, you will obviously want to do all you can to keep it. But some things are out of your hands. Moreover, during your flights there is always the risk that you may be injured. Aviabel enables you to insure against these risks and enjoy peace of mind.

Personal accident insurance

As a pilot you know the risks of flying better than anyone. With our personal accident insurance, you are covered for the risk of a hefty hospital bill or a period of incapacity for work. Our policy also provides a lump sum to your family in the event of your death. You decide for yourself on the sum insured.

Loss of licence

It is far better not to lose your licence at all, whether temporarily or permanently. But it can happen, sometimes for reasons you can do little about (e.g. medical problems). To protect yourself against financial worries, you can take out a policy with Aviabel against the loss of your licence. Aviation companies can also take out a collective policy with Aviabel for all their pilots. Cover is worldwide.

Pilot Training Insurance

Pilot training costs a lot of money. But what if you were rejected at the end of your training for medical or other reasons? Your dreams and your investment would both be at risk of going up in smoke. You can insure against this at Aviabel. Our policy will repay the money you have invested, and it offers worldwide cover.


Why is insurance against loss of licence so important?

Pilots who lose their licence, temporarily or permanently, run the risk of seeing their income disappear along with it. While insurance to cover this risk is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended.

Why should you choose Aviabel?

If you want to insure against losing your licence, it is best to look for a well-established insurer that knows its business inside out. Aviabel has specialised in insuring aviation risks since 1935 and it speaks your language. We insure pilots from the time of their studies and throughout their careers. 

Why is a specialist insurer necessary?

Expertise and continuity are key factors when it comes to your professional insurance. Our staff are specialists in their field and are familiar with the regulatory environment in which your profession operates.

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