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Aviabel offers insurance solutions including Hull and Liability insurance for Commercial General Aviation, Corporate General Aviation and Light General Aviation.

  • Commercial General Aviation covers all aircraft carrying 20 to 60 passengers, which are generally used for regional commercial aviation.
  • The term Corporate General Aviation refers to aircraft carrying a maximum of 19 passengers which are used for business or commercial purposes. This heading also covers helicopters not being used for private trips.
  • Light General Aviation generally covers aircraft carrying a maximum of 8 to 9 passengers which are mainly used in sports aviation.


Specifically, Aviabel covers the following aircraft types:

  • Aircraft with reciprocating engine
  • Aircraft with two or more reciprocating engines
  • Aircraft with turbine engine
  • Aircraft with multiple turbine engines
  • Aircraft with jet engine
  • Helicopter with reciprocating engine
  • Helicopter with turbine engine
  • Gliders
  • Hot air balloons

Aviabel offers the following types of cover:

  • Hull
  • Hull War Risks – LSW 555D clause
  • Liability – combined liability (Combined Single Limit) vs. third party liability & passenger liability
  • Spare parts

Supplemented by or combined with:

  • General liability
  • Personal accident for crew and passengers.


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Who is allowed to fly your aircraft?

  • every pilot mentioned in your policy
  • engineers working at an FAA Approved Repair Station, during inspections or repairs to the insured aircraft
  • every CFI, accompanied by a pilot named in the policy
  • every pilot who meets the qualifications if the policy includes an open pilot clause 

What do "Combined Single Limit of Liability" or "smooth limit" mean?

Most aviation liability insurance policies include sub-limits. A Combined Single Limit (CSL), also called a "smooth limit", only indicates the total limit of cover, and no sub-limits are applicable.

What insured amounts do I need for liability?

These are different for everyone. The correct insured limits are determined on the basis of your assets, other liability insurance policies that you have taken out, your passengers, the use of the aircraft and legislation. NB: the insured amounts are not the only important factor. If the insurer handles an incident quickly and correctly, this also has added value.

How can you identify the differences between aviation insurance policies?

The minimum amounts of cover are defined by law. Since the government does not strictly regulate aviation insurance, there are fundamental differences between the insurance cover provided under different policies. You should therefore always read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy carefully. Check what is insured and what is not. Every aircraft owner has different expectations and needs: sometimes the cheapest policy simply offers cover that is not as good.

What is the level of Aviabel's insurance capacity for General Aviation?

* EUR 55,000,000 / USD 70,000,000 Hull and Liability
(sublimit of EUR 8,800,000 / USD 11,200,000 in Hull
* AVN 52 capacity is EUR/USD 400,000,000

What does Aviation General Liability Insurance include?

This is a type of insurance for Fixed Based Operators (FBO) and airport operators. It includes important types of cover such as buildings liability, product liability, airside vehicle liability, liability for personal injury and/or damage to image, and liquor liability.

In which countries does Aviabel cover activities as leading insurer?

In the EU and EEA, and in particular in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Turkey.

We act as co-insurer in the rest of the world.

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