"Cover for Manufacturers, Dealers, Concessionaries, and other Third Parties"

Aerospace Manufacturers


​​When one thinks of aircraft manufacturers, global companies such as Airbus and Boeing come immediately to mind. These companies also rank in first place in terms of airliner construction. However, many other "regional" companies are also active in this market. Moreover, the General Aviation sector includes helicopter manufacturers as well. 

Naturally enough, an aircraft is not built by a single company. Specialist firms or manufacturers will be involved, depending on the components concerned. Building these components requires extremely detailed knowledge and a high degree of specialisation.  

Aviabel offers insurance cover to these aerospace manufacturers. To that end, Aviabel makes distinctions based on the products and services that they offer:

  • Critical manufacturers : mainframe, fuels, landing equipment, electronics and avionics, etc.
  • Non-critical manufacturers : smaller parts or components with less exposure
  • Dealers / Concessionaries / Maintenance

Aviabel is particularly active as an insurer for the latter two categories. We provide insurance solutions for: 

  • Product Legal Liability: product liability for physical and material loss
  • Premises Liability: liability for physical and material loss caused by error or negligence on the part of the insured party with regard to working methods, machines, buildings, land, etc.
  • Hangar Keeper Liability: liability for damage to an aircraft or parts belonging to third parties when these have been entrusted to the insured party (e.g. for maintenance)
  • Grounding Liability: liability for the grounding of an aircraft
  • Hull Manufacturer: liability for loss of or damage to aircraft  



What underwriting capacity can Aviabel offer aerospace manufacturers?

EUR 27,500,000 (including EUR 5,500,000 in Hull) or USD 35,000,000 (including USD 7,000,000 in Hull)

What is Aviabel's precise target group within aerospace manufacturing?

Aviabel primarily targets "non-critical" aerospace manufacturers.  

Does Aviabel act as the leading insurer of such risks?

Absolutely! We specialize in these risks, and we insure a great many businesses against them both in the Benelux region and beyond.

Can airliners or regional aircraft manufacturers also be insured by Aviabel?

Yes. Aviabel underwrites a number of risks on the basis of co-insurance or re-insurance.

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