​Tuesday 22 Oct 2013:
Aviabel, the Belgian aviation insurer, announces that they are in possession of the insurance policy for the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter. This plane was involved in a crash, causing 11 fatalities last Saturday afternoon, at Gelbressée.​

Aviabel will intervene on 2 accounts: as insurer of the Pilatus Aircraft, and because the Namur Para Club has subscribed a policy for all their individual members. This policy It provides for the payment of a lump sum in case of casualty.

"An individual accident policy claim can be issued very quickly as long as you are the beneficiary of the policy. Individuals must make themselves known to the company through their broker. In such a case, we can release the funds immediately. This will help families, to cope with certain expenses such as funeral costs, "said Cécile Coune, CEO of Aviabel . The other cover is unique to the airplane itself, but here we must wait for more clarity on the causes of this accident. " We can not at this moment in time, foresee if compensation will be issued or not . This is different from the individual policies. Without clarity on the circumstances, we can not make any statement on this for the moment." she said. Compensation will vary according to the individual circumstances of each victim, such as age, family situation, etc. Aviabel also advises families to contact their insurance broker as soon as possible, so that they can benefit from any compensation under other insurance policies.