​Alfred Kroeger,
Country Manager NL

De Nederlandse Luchtvaartpool was founded in 1932,making it one of the oldest aviation insurers in the world. Today NLP forms an integral part of the Aviabel group, although the company name was retained after the takeover in 2001. Countrymanager Alfred Kroeger introduces NLP.

“When a Belgian intermediary wants to insure a Dutch aviation risk, Aviabel Belgium will refer him to NLP. If a Dutch insurance intermediary wants to underwrite a non-Dutch aviation risk, he will be serviced by Aviabel Belgium. Our structure is that transparent and simple: NLP is responsible for underwriting Dutch aviation risks within the Aviabelgroup”, says Alfred Kroeger.

Are the Belgian and Dutch aviation markets comparable?

Alfred Kroeger: Yes, to a considerable extent they are. Neither of these markets are very large, although a greater number of business jets are used for commercial purposes in Belgium.

Do you work with insurance intermediaries in the Netherlands as you do in Belgium?

Alfred Kroeger: Definitely. The intermediary represents the customer and assists him. In the Netherlands, just as in Belgium, there are a number of intermediaries who have specialised in the aviation risks market. You will notice that in many cases those companies have acquired the necessary know-how themselves, use their own claims departments, sometimes employ people who have experience as pilots.

Is there a lot of competition from other insurers?

Alfred Kroeger: There certainly is, but mostly from abroad: the UK, Germany and Scandinavia... and sometimes you can get an aviation risk insured on the internet. Although we do have many additional advantages in comparison with an internet provider.

Such as?

Alfred Kroeger: The most important is definitely our experience and know-how. We can work with intermediaries to provide tailored solutions for customers who have specific needs. That is not easy to do for an insurer working on the internet.

Is your vision in the Netherlands the same as that of Aviabel in Belgium?

Alfred Kroeger: Absolutely. Our policy on acceptance is identical, although the Standard Terms & Conditions of the policies may be slightly different because of specific legislative differences between the Netherlands and Belgium.

Is the target group the same too?

Alfred Kroeger: Not entirely. In both the Netherlands and Belgium we target both general aviation and liability insurance for airlines. The general aviation field may also include balloon flights, parachutists, gliders etc. We do not insure airlines via NLP. If such an opportunity does arise, Aviabel Belgium takes it on, because the Airline Underwriting Team is based in Belgium.

How does your collaboration with intermediaries generally take place?

Alfred Kroeger: We are very satisfied with it. We like to work with brokers, because we are convinced that we can support each other. We recently held the Insurance Aviation Course

in Brussels and welcomed representatives from a number of intermediaries in the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and France. Sometimes we also go out together with the broker to close a deal with a potential client. In those situations our employees will help the broker with content-related, technical aspects of the cover.

You should always remember that the aviation insurance business consists almost by definition of complex cases. If a claim arises involving passengers, the claims settlement process can take several years. That is also why we like to work with professional intermediaries who have a vision. It goes without saying that it is also important for our clients to know that in ten years not only the insurer but the broker will still be in business. When it comes to an internet solution it is not always obvious that this will be the case.